Security With a View

For the last three years we have been desperate to move back to living on the ground after condo living for 10 years. We have always been put off by the petty crime and burglary concerns here in Kuala Lumpur.

After finding our dream home we were now faced with how to protect it. How can we take long holidays and short weekends away without having someone to house sit for us ? We have researched every type of security there is here in K.L, we were not satisfied with any. Who wants to live with prison bars on all the doors and windows, not us. We have a stunning jungle outside our front door and wanted to maintain all the views.

After making an appointment with the MESH-SECURE representative we were convinced this was the security system for us. We watched the video with great interest, how can mere mesh keep out intruders. All was explained in great detail leaving us with no doubt this was the way forward for us. We have had every window and door fitted in our house and we are delighted with the feeling of safety it has given us. It was never about anything but security for us, and it has certainly lived up to its promise.

We are now able to have all our doors and windows open any time we like with no risk of intruders. We have no issues about going on holiday or taking short breaks away, no house sitter required. My husband can travel on business and leave me home alone in my very safe environment.

Thanks MESH-SECURE for making us safe & sound.

Mr & Mrs. Lee @ Mont Kiara