Satisfied Customer

Prior to moving into our new house, my wife and I had come across an advertisement in the papers about MESH-SECURE security screens.

We made arrangements to visit their showroom and were very impressed with the range and designs of security screens available. There are a variety of finishes and designs to choose from and to suit every design requirement.

When it came to deciding on the type of security arrangements for the doors and windows for our new house, without hesitation, we decided on MESH-SECURE security screens. We installed these screens for half of our house windows and doors facing the front while the rest were fitted with mild steel grills. We were really impressed with the security screen features such as strength, filtering out dust and insects as well as cutting out glare from sunlight. The house felt cooler with the reduction in glare too. The screens were fitted with very robust locks which did not require keys to open from the inside which is very important for escape purposes in case of fire. On top of these advantages, the screens were also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. We did not want any unsightly mild steel grills for the front of our house.

The strength of the MESH-SECURE screens was proven when unfortunately our house was broken into by burglars. The burglars entered through a room window at the back of our home and this was fitted with a mild steel grill. The burglars had pried open the mild steel grill easily as the burglary took less than an hour. Fortunately, our family was out for dinner during the burglary.

The police who came to investigate found that the burglars had tried initially to break into our home through the front window of the dining room but failed after repeated attempts. This window was fitted with MESH-SECURE security screen. There were hammering marks on the screen, evidence of MESH-SECURE security screen’s strength. This led to the burglars turning their attention to the back room window with the mild steel grill which they defeated quite easily.

Learning from this, we decided to install the rest of our home with MESH-SECURE screens which we promptly did the following month. We also installed the latest home alarm system as well as a CCTV system. All these combined to give my family a very secure sense of security for our home. The most important part of the home security we have are the MESH-SECURE security screens as they are proven and without hesitation, we strongly recommend the MESH-SECURE security screens to anyone looking for a secure, safe and aesthetically pleasing security barrier for their home windows and doors. The added functions of filtering out dust, cutting out glare from the sunlight, preventing entry of insects and most importantly easy evacuation in the event of fire makes us very glad we have made this product our choice for our home security requirements. We have been recommending this product to everyone we met ever since.

Mr. and Mrs Ng @ TTDI