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Tested, Proven, Certified.

Our Unique Design

Security with a view

MESH-SECURE is a replacement of grilles, it’s also act as mosquito netting with UV Protection, Air Flow, and Clear vision while providing security for your family MESH SECURE’s mesh is woven in house from high- tensile Stainless steels mesh (1.0/316 Grade), each strand is individually tested for tensile strength (up to 1 tonne / 2205lb) to International standards. All Panels are manufactured with high quality (grade 6063-T6) Aluminium Frame and mesh is secured using our unique patented fixing system.

designed with precision

At MESH-SECURE precision of cutting fine Aluminum is brought to a different height with utmost precision. Converting custom aluminum to beautiful enclosure requires focus that has brought us loyal customers around the world. This allows great customization when designing our security screen from scratch.

designed for freedom and security

We believe every security product should protect our love ones and allows us to live, breathe and love our homes and designed beautifully. When these crucial elements comes together our families have security that feels unobtrusive, strong and beautiful to even look at.

About Us

MESH SECURE was formerly known as Majestec / Meshtec has been operating as main distributor for over 10 years and we are the top specialist in security mesh panel solutions in Malaysia.

Mesh Secure is now privately owned entity with headquarters in Selangor. We have dealerships throughout Malaysia as well as Indonesia and Singapore. We are the Pioneers of Mesh Security Screens in Malaysia and have been operating since 2009.

With this experience in developing the Asia Pacific markets, we deliver high quality and innovative products that exceed our customers’ expectations.

What We Do

We specialize in the installation and fabrication of stainless steel mesh security screens. Our stainless steel mesh is made from high tensile steel attached to heavy duty Aluminum frames ensuring worry free usage. We continuously strive to improve our designs and products and currently, Mesh Secure products are guaranteed for up to 20 years.

Our Products

We at "MESH-SECURE" offer a plethora of security door and window types designed and customized to your needs. Each and every one of our products are rigorously tested and passes performance requirements in accordance to with Australian Standards (AS). This ensures that our products are durable with absolute security. Our products come in THREE DIFFERENT RANGES - each with it's own specifications.  

Customer's Feedback

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Frequently Asked Questions

On a general stand point it’s simple, cheaper products equates to cheaper price. At MESH-SECURE, we always provide the highest quality products on a competitive price for our customers because we know that safety is an absolute. Hence, an inferior product is something we don’t do. Furthermore, we subject our products to tests with independent bodies around the world. Closer to home we are TESTED, PROVEN & CERTIFIED.

We provide the highest quality of High tensile weaved stainless steel wire with heavy duty aluminum frames, which has minimal space to pry open in comparison to regular conventional grilles. Using MESH-SECURE allows you to de-risk the chances of break-ins.

We set our prices at a competitive price rate compare to many other brands. However, prices varies accordingly to the design of each panels. In order to receive the estimated costing, MESH-SECURE do provides NO OBLIGATION for on-site visits for SELANGOR & KLANG VALLEY only.

To be frank nothing is impossible in this world, a prepared thief might have the tools needed to break into your home. Using MESH-SECURE products, it delays the time for an intruders to break into your home. MESH-SECURE products are meant for petty thieves.

MESH-SECURE do fabricate glass panels. We are a one-stop solution for all your security mesh and glass panel requirements.